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Our team of specialists handpicks a wide range of fresh fruits from selected farms. We take extra care in the packaging of our products. Our index also contains rare fruits which are provided at the most cost effective and fright-efficient manner. We hope to be the preferred brand for fruit exporters in India.


We take extra care in providing our clientele with a vast variety of vegetables which are stored hygienically. We also ensure all the products are free from any and all hazardous chemicals. We take great hardship in living up to the quality that you expect by providing fresh vegetables that will stay the same in color, flavor, taste and nutrients for long periods of time.

Dry Fruits

With cognizance of the facts of the industry, our associates provide us with only the choicest products. Our Dry Fruits are lauded for being fresh, rich in taste and their aroma. Not to mention available at highly competitive rates.

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All our products ranging from Fruits, Vegetables and Dry Fruits are all handpicked fresh and aroma filled.


We care about what you eat. We want to produce food which nourishes your body and tastes delicious.


We ensure the quality of the farms and ware houses where we pick as well as store all our products.


We provide no compromise in our trust with our clients and associates. Our word is our promise.