Who Are We ?

Ever wondered why and how Kerala is a tourists’ paradise so much as to be called “God’s Own Country.” Here everything comes together in a harmonious whole. The climate is wholesome; water is pure and crystal clear. The green-encrusted landscape of the region and cordiality in the mindscape of its people contribute to charming elegance of this southernmost state in India . But there are more things in the state than can be so easily mentioned in a few words. Firstly there are its indigenous farm produces. Earlier foreigners came to the region in search of what they called the Queen of Spices, the black pepper. Kerala is a harbour of all spices, both known and yet unknown. The fresh and original varieties of spaces in the category of dried fruits such as cardamom, nutmeg, fenugreek, mustard, and fennel have an indigenous flavour of the land. The distinctive treatment in farming and their production in industrial plants make these products special.

Also, there are Kerala’s own special varieties of vegetables, fruits and dry fruits, not to mention the thirst-quenching coconut, not to mention the industrially produced well-seasoned cashew, and not to mention the ever intoxicating varieties of spinach, gourds and melons. The concept of unadulterated freshness has of late receive a fillip during the drive in the state for organic vegetables and farm produces. Nowadays, all across the state we could spot shops and kiosks to sell organic vegetables now being exponentially cultivated. Freshova is a platform for bringing all these varieties from Kerala to foreign lands. Whereas people of yore came in search of them, now we bring them closer to them, closer to their doorstep. Freshova is an initiative aiming at exporting, fresh, wholesome, unadulterated farm produce-vegetables, fruits, dry fruits, spices-to malls and storehouses in foreign regions. We gather and single out the fresh produce, assure their quality, pack them in so scientifically as to keep them for long use and export them. ……..This is a platform for selling and buying……across border……

our history

As long as the name on the board says ‘FreshOva Foods’ there will never be any compromise on the quality of the products we deliver. No matter how challenging the coming times may be we will never tarnish the clients trust in us. Our 100% natural products will be dispatched and delivered on time.

Selected agricultural farms within the rich green state of Kerala. We have handpicked the fields which still follow traditional and natural methods of cultivation and have a long standing relationship with them.

Most experienced and dedicated associates that have a reputation of delivering on time products via air cargo and shipping means.

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There will never be complains regarding our schedule. Punctuality is a way of life for us at FreshOva.


Our care for your products is throughout 0-100%. We do not intend to falter at the final phase of packing.


Any and all queries and dubieties will be patiently analyzed and appropriate results will be clarified.


You can keep a track of your products anywhere on earth with our latest tracking and monitoring system.